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The department of Biology was established in 1973 under specific recommendations of the UGC. It was redesigned and elevated to the school of Life sciences in 1988 with five major disciplines: Botanical Sciences, Human Biology and Human Genetics, Microbiology, Molecular biology and Biochemistry, and Zoological Sciences. The discipline of Human Biology and Human Genetics came into existence as a separate department in 1990.It was renamed as the Department of Human Genetics in 1993. During this span of time, the department has made its presence felt at the national and international levels. It has been duly recognized by UGC for DRS, COSIST and DRS (Extension) programmes and is presently a DST-FIST sponsored department. It has grown quantitatively and qualitatively in terms of research and teaching.


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The faculty comprises a team of seven dynamic and versatile members who are well versed with the latest trends and techniques in their respective fields. At present, the faculty includes two Professors, two Readers, one Senior Lecturer and two lecturers.
The department admits students to the programmes leading to the awards of M.Sc. (Hons. School), M.Sc (Hons) and Ph.D. degrees. Admissions are made on the bases of entrance tests conducted by the University and the subsequent academic merit. The students are evaluated on the bases of their performances in the semester examinations. Emphasis is laid on integrating the diverse areas of Human Genetics in order to provide the students with a broad base so that they can fit into the academic and technological spheres at the national and international levels. The curricula of various courses in Human Genetics focus on the following thrust areas:

Human Molecular Genetics, Human Cytogenetics, Medical and Clinical Genetics, Human Growth, Physique and Body Composition, Human Population Genetics and Quantitative Genetics.

The faculty members have succeeded in procuring research projects from various agencies in India and abroad. The total grant received so far exceeds Rs.5.00 crores. The department has a significant research output as reflected in the published work of the members of its faculty including 3 books, 201 research papers in reputed national and international journals. The department has also collaborated with the Centre for Genetic Disorders, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar in organizing five international symposia of Genetics, Health and Disease (ISGHD) and numerous workshops at both, international and national levels.



Courses Offered:

  • M.Sc. (Hons. School) Human Genetics

  • M.Sc (Hons) Human Genetics

  • Ph.D.

Infrastructure Facilities and Equipment Available:


The department has well equipped laboratories for undertaking Molecular, Biochemical, Cytogenetic, Growth and Anthropometry related experiments. A computer laboratory has also been set up.


Major Equipment

Minor Equipment

Analytical Balance

Filtration assembly

Automatic Ice Flaker

Anthropometric Rods and calipers

Automatic Photomicrographic System

Binocular Microscopes

Body Fat Analyser



Digital pH Meter

Deep freezer (-20ºC)


Double Distillation units             

Human Skeletons (articulated and           disarticulated)

Electronic Weighing Machine


ELISA Reader


Fluoroscent Microscope              

Portable Autoclaves      

Gel Documentation system

Simple Pan Balance

Generator Set 45 KVA

Vaccum Pump  

Hydridization Incubator

Water Bath

Inverted Microscope


Laminar Flow


Milli Q Water Purification System


Refrigerated  Centrifuge


Semiautomatic Blood Analyzer


Skinfold Callipers






Stereo Microscope


Thermal Cyclers              


Vertical PAGE apparatus


Water Purification System





Contact Department :

Head of Department : Dr.Vasudha Sambyal
PABX Contact No. : +91- 183 - 2258802-09 (Extn. 3444)

Fax (Univ.):+91-183-2258820




Department of Human Genetics


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