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About Department of Training & Placements

The Department of Training and Placements in Guru Nanak Dev University was established in March 1998 to cater the needs of university students for their job placements in various institutions / organisations – both Govt. and Private having national / international reputation. Since then this office has performed remarkably well both in the matter of placements and providing academic guidance to the students.

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In future, plans are a foot to create more resources for the university by making contacts with our students who have been well placed through Department of Training & Placements. The department is a centralized facility for students of all the courses of the university. The department not only conducts campus placements for it's own students but also joint campus placements by for all the students from North India. Big national and international brands participate in the campus placements / joint campus placements.

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The major objectives of the Department of Training and Placements are:

* To bridge the gap that currently exists between the industry and fresh professionals for recruitment purposes.

* To increase the efficiency in terms of time, energy and costs in the process of recruitment. * To evolve streamlined and classified information that matches the needs of employers and students.


More than 2900 students have been placed through campus placements / off campus placements / joint campus placements. Students of professional courses are helped to do their industrial training in multinational companies in India and abroad. Interaction of Faculty members with company officials is arranged to get feedback regarding requirements of industry. It has helped the departments to revise and update their syllabi as per industry demands. Database of more than 2000 potential employers has been prepared. Regular interaction with industry through letters, Phone, Email and personal visits is made to develop a long term relationship between industry and university. Career Guidance and Personality Development Seminars, Workshops and Guest Lectures are organized to improve the performance of students in job market. Alumni Database has been prepared for regular interaction. It helps to get latest information of job market from our old students.







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