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Department of Applied Chemical Sciences & Technology

B.Tech (Textile chemistry) course is being run in the department of Applied Chemical Sciences and Technology. The course was started in 1995 with a view to generate technically trained man power for the textile processing industry, a highly demanding field of textile. Highly qualified teachers teach various subjects of this course. The department since its inception has been actively involved in organizing seminars, conferences, workshops and other activities required for betterment of its students.

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B.Tech (Textile Chemistry) course consists of 8 semesters (4 years). Besides specialization in dyeing, printing, finishing, rigorous treatment of various aspects of garment technology and waster management in textile industry is being furnished. The total approved intake is 30. The department is in close association of the placement cell of university and arranges campus placement for the outgoing students. In addition to this, the students in the past have also opted avenues such as master degree at IIT New Delhi, NIT Jalandhar, NIFT and various foreign universities for perusing masters' degrees.

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The department also hosts Textile Industrial Service Centre (TISC), approved by International Wool Secretariat (IWS now The Woolmark Company) for wool mark commercial testing. Various types of testing services are rendered to textile industry on payment basis. Also the department undertakes industrial projects to build industry institution coherence.

The Research and Development related to various aspects of textile processing industry, is undertaken in two ways in the department: (i) each B. Tech. (Textile Chemistry) student is to undertake a research project, during 7th & 8th semester to explore a research problem, (ii) doctoral research fellowships are offered to graduate students, to do Ph.D. on various aspects of dye chemistry, dyeing technology, textile chemistry as well as heterocyclic chemistry. Already eight students have done Ph.D. and more are in the process.
Recently M.Tech (Textile Chemistry) course has also been approved by various academic bodies of the university under its self-financing scheme to attract prospect students for this PG degree.

Courses Offered:

  • B.Tech. Textile Chemistry

  • B.Tech. Sugar Technoogy

Facilities Available:

Dye Chemistry Laboratory                      

In the dye chemistry lab, students are trained in executing dye synthesis, dye analysis, dye identification, pretreatment and dyeing of textile materials.


Computer Color Matching Laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with computerized DATA colour  spectrophotometer (SF-600) with colored laser printer. The students are trained for colour analysis, recipe prediction, colour measurement and comparisons, in addition to other quality control parameters. 

Textile Testing Laboratory

The labs are equipped with Tog Meter, Thickness Meter, Tensile Strength Tester, pressley Tester, Martindale abrasion Tester, Twist Tester, Flammability Tester(vertical and inclined), pilling Tester, Sheffiels micronaire, Lea Strength Tester, Projection microscope, Single yarn strength Tester, uniformity Tester, Stiffness Tester, Tearing Strength tester, Crockmeter, Bursting Strength Tester, Seriplane Tester, Color Matching Cabinet, Moisturement Vessel, Wrapreel, Perspirometer, Bending Length Tester, Beasley balance for yarn count, Crease Recovery tester etc. are available. The students are accordingly trained. This facility is also used for commercial testing.


Dye house

Dye house is the heart of textile wing. In the processing house padding mangle, jigger, package dyeing machine, semi production winch, IR heated HT dyeing machines, Sublimation fastness tester, washing fastness tester, Light fastness tester, Glycerin bath beaker, dyeing machine, stenter, laboratory and semi production winch, Water bath beaker, dyeing machine, double distilled water plant, screen printing facilities, Electrolux waschcator, tumble dryer, rotadryer and other basic apparatus are installed and are regularly used by students and industry for training and taking trails.


This department was created in 1988 to meet the requirement of technically trained personnel of the expanding sugar industry in the country. Keeping in mind the demand of the industry and society, the course of sugar technology was upgraded / redesigned to sugar & alcohol technology.

Our is the only course in India, which prepares personnel for sugar industry, brewery, distillery & winery. At present students have placements in all these industries.

B.Tech ( Sugar & Alcohol Technology) consist of 8 semesters(4 years). The students are imparted knowledge in the fields of sugar engineering, sugar manufacturing, sugar industry byproducts, chemical engineering, industrial microbiology, industrial biochemistry, fermentation & alcohol technology, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry & confectionary technology.

Apart from that, the students gain knowledge about basic computer sciences (C programming), business management and applied statistics. The subject of environmental studies is also included in the curriculum to provide an insight to waste management & pollution control of sugar & alcohol industries.

National symposia / seminars are organized by the Department from time to time for the betterment of the academics / researchers to keep pace with the scientific society.
The department also runs Sugar Industry Service Centre ( SISC) , to provide the services of sugar colour determination, sugar product analysis and testing of chemicals used in sugar industry at nominal charges. The department also provides consultancy to sugar industries.
The course of B.Tech ( Sugar & Alcohol Technology) has been so designed that the students have to undergo rigorous inplant training, from second year till final year in parts to give them on the job training by teachers and the industry staff.

To explain the practical operations on machines and to expose the students to new developments in the industry, the department organizes three weeks all india educational / industrial tour every year. The students accompanied by teachers visit various leading sugar industries, breweries, distilleries, wineries etc.

The research & development related to various aspects of sugar & alcohol industries are under taken by the students in the 6th, 7th & 8th semesters to solve the various research problems. The doctoral research fellowships are also offered to the students, to do Ph.D on various aspects. The department has various publications in renouned national & international journals.


In this lab, experiments are performed in the various field of organic chemistry, physical chemistry, sugar chemistry & analytical chemistry. Tests related to various chemicals used in sugar industry and sugar manufacturing processes are performed in this laboratory.

This lab is equipped with flame photometer, pH meters, spectrophotometer, turbidometers, polarimeters, saccharimeters, conductivity meters and other state of art machinery. Experiments related to physical chemistry of sugar are performed in this laboratory.

This lab is equipped with Abbemat, Sucromat, Sucroscan, UV VIS spectrophotometer, Brook field Rheometer, Karl Fischer titartor, NIR spectrometer, digital polarimeter, stereo microscope, digital camera with pro plus software etc.

Various experiments related to the alcohol industry like microbiology, biochemistry, fermentation are performed in this laboratory. This lab is equipped with incubator, laminar flow, fermentor, sterilization autoclave, gas chromatograph, isocratic HPLC etc. & other state of art machinery.

This includes various instruments and machines like 3 roller mill, ball mill, rapi pol extractor, weighing machine etc. There are laboratories related to chemical engineering, confectionary technology, computer sciences etc which are held in the departments of applied chemistry, food technology, computer sciences etc.

Contact Department :

Head of Department : Prof. R.S. Kaler
PABX Contact No. : 0183- 2258802-09 (Extn. 3392)

Placement Incharge Textile Chemistry : Mrs. Varinder Kaur
PABX Contact No. : 0183- 2258802-09 (Extn. 3454)
Email ID : varinder_gndu@yahoo.com

Mobile : 988854121

Placement Incharge Sugar Technology : Prof. Satindar Kaur
Contact No. : 0183- 2450936
Email ID : satindar_gndu@yahoo.com





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